My second play for the Old Road Railroad proved to be my most successful for that venue. Personally I wasn’t very happy with the plot (it was a bit simplistic) but the script worked very well on the train.

I developed a formula between this play and the last that worked very well for our specific genre. It was difficult when ticket sales were high due to the environment of the train. For example, the main car could old 64 audience members. The next two cars could only hold 20 members apiece.  So essentially, a sold out show (104 audience members) meant three simultaneous performances.

At this time, our reputation was growing and ticket sales were on the rise. It was common to have multi-car audiences. I was displeased with the lack of advertising the train was doing, so I got a photographer friend to do a photo shoot, and created an internet campaign in addition to posters. Here are some more pictures of my characters I played in this mystery: