In this testimonial video, we tell Marian’s story in the framework as a customer testimonial. She’s 92 years old, and she likes this gym. She works out, meets friends, and leaves. That’s pretty much it.



When I was wrapping up the interview, I was tempted to ‘feed’ Marian some emotional sound-bytes to make it a bit more inspirational, as it felt a bit shallow.

But then I realized… why? I have a very clear Who/What/Where/Why. I have an ending. Everything I got is in her words with phenomenal delivery that truly portrayed the nuances of her character. And most importantly… it’s honest. So we moved on, she did her routine, and I went on to gather relevant B-Roll with her to serve the story at hand.

Good storytelling is the pursuit of truth. There’s no need to exaggerate something if it’s not truthful to the story at hand. This little piece holds a special place in my heart because it’s honest. It’s not going to win me any Oscars, but it will go down in my career as a reminder to myself to always serve the story at hand.