I restored a Checker Cab back in High School. In fact Hemmings Classic Car magazine did a writeup about it.

Lately my car has been getting more gigs than I have. It is going to be in the movie AWOL (directed by Daniel Mooney, starring Teresa Palmer & Liam Hemsworth) and was also used in an unsuccessful Faye Dunaway film called Masterclass.

Checker Cabs are incredibly rare, with estimates of less than 2000 remaining (most of which probably can’t even drive). The reason why they were so rare is that they were literally driven to death. They were made by an independent car company called Checker Motors in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Any film in an urban environment set in the 60’s-80’s can benefit with a Checker Cab like mine. If you are filming in the Michigan area and are interested in renting it, feel free to contact me. It is licensed and fully operational.