I took a stroll around Eastern Market over the weekend with my Fiancé. I brought my camera along to get a few cool shoots using a vintage anamorphic lens I recently acquired. It’s a difficult tool to use, but I’m digging the look!

Detroit’s Eastern Market – Anamorphic Lens Test from Michael Babbish on Vimeo.

Anamorphic Posture


Everything was shot handheld in a span of an hour or so. I used a vintage Films Incorporated 16C Projector scope mounted on my GH5. I needed a total of 3 adapters and one clamp to make it work! I personally didn’t expect to get as many good shots as I did as focus is very difficult to obtain with this setup. I was pleasantly surprised with how usable this setup was despite it’s many technical parameters.



Anamorphic Lens

Gear Used:

Panasonic GH5
SLR Magic Variable ND Filter
EF to M43 Adapter
OM to EF Adapter
Olympus 50mm f/1.8 OM F.Zuiko Taking Lens
Films Incorporated Anamorphic 16C Scope